How to Make an App Like Uber: Process, Tips, & Features

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  • No wonder it’s an amazing feature saving you from time management hassles later.
  • Everything that happens in the background doesn’t have to be beautifully designed and can be a bit clunky at the MVP stage, but the customer app needs to shine.
  • The significance of timely communication can’t be emphasized enough in a taxi app like Uber.
  • This is one of the most important features for security purposes.
  • In addition to these two, there’s also an Admin panel that is needed to manage and monitor the actions on the platform.

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What does the Uber app look like: Design and user experience

The moment has come for taxi services that are currently only available offline to have an internet presence. However, to start an online ride-hailing business, you need to launch a mobile app for drivers, riders, and a web admin panel for managing operations. They would use the driver app to share their current location, locate available customers for matching, and earn from their services.

Apart from that, the platform should also come with an admin panel that’s capable of managing and monitoring the platform’s work. You can also talk to a mobile app development company like us and let us handle the process. Ailoitte will take care of everything from product discovery, development, testing, and post-launch support. This app is for drivers who can share their location, find optimal matches and get paid for their services. It usually consists of features such as real-time and scheduled requests, trip details and tools for tracking payments.

How to Create an App like Uber | The Ultimate Guide

The driver can note this experience in their client review, making their behavior known to others. Did you know that 93 million people worldwide use Uber each month? The Uber app has revolutionized public transportation and taxi services with its user-friendly features. There is a long list of features and functions to be included in the app like Uber. Therefore, the development time entirely depends on the number and complexity of the features to get developed and integrated. Generally, it takes approximately 20 weeks to create a complex app like Uber.

how to make an app like uber

Otherwise, there’s definitely going to be someone who’d like to rent a whole bus for a fraction of its cost. You’ll have to prepare fraud prevention processes or some other systems to keep it under control. Second of all, what happens when you have a cancellation fee in place?

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Mobile App Like Uber?

The tech team should have expertise in the following programming languages or tools to build an app like Uber. If you wish to build an app that’s like Uber and also incorporate cashless payments, then here’s what you need to do. One of the first things you’d wish to include is the financial data safety of your customer. This is an important feature of the app because feedback is crucial for both the driver and passenger. The average ratings could affect the driver and passenger pairing algorithms, too.

The app helps to calculate the price beforehand, and the customer can enjoy the cashless way of payment. The customer can now track the car and check out the estimated time of arrival. The customer can request a ride via the app, either instantly or scheduled. how to make an app like uber For driver profiles, you can ask to complete the minimum formalities to provide a photo, name, and car license number. To make your app feature-rich, you can check at rating and review system additionally to make your app look client-oriented.

Best Practices to Follow with ConfigCat’s Feature Flags

Expert app development companies like Imaginovation generally have all the resources to build an Uber-like mobile app. It is the first question that’s probably going to weigh on your mind if you’re looking to build an on-demand taxi service app like Uber. Building an on-demand taxi app like Uber is a long process and requires a hefty amount of dedication, time and money.

how to make an app like uber

Once the paying procedure is completed, the driver usually asks you to rate the ride. Everyone these days use ride-hailing apps on regular basis for going to their destinations. These partners are none other than the regular taxi and cab drivers out there.

Understanding the Workings of the Uber App

The feature allows drivers to select a favorite location and find passengers looking for a ride there. If you are interested in a more complex and feature-rich product, the cost may range from $300,000 to $ 500,000, or even higher. There’s a direct correlation between a set of features and an app’s overall cost. As previously mentioned, an app can have any number of features ranging from the basic to some advanced ones. The process of building a taxi-booking mobile app usually starts with an MVP.

Follow us on Twitter to get notified about latest tips, trends and product updates. Given its popularity and global reach, Uber remains a top contender for promotional collaboration for mega-brands like Hilton, Pepsi, and Spotify. This is a popular marketing practice that plays to everyone’s advantage. Uber receives money for promoting other brand’s content, those brands get a wider reach and a chance to interact with their target audience. The target audience is benefited in the form of coupons, discounts, and other promotional gifts through the promotion.

The team involved in this project would include –

In the case of an app like Uber, that would be the drivers’ app. First, you need to think about how the service provider will be using your solution. Once the research is done, it’s time to prepare for the development. Obviously, you don’t want to develop a full-scale enterprise application from the get-go. You want to start developing incrementally and building an MVP should be enough to deliver a working product to the market without spending too much time and money. It’s a tried-and-tested process for maximizing your ROI of the initial development stages.

Well, the development of Uber-like apps is an excellent move for both entrepreneurs and transportation companies. But developing an Uber-like app is not as simple as waving your magic wand. The monthly amount of payable hours of the Scrum Master is 15% of the hours logged by developers and designers during the month. The iOS app development has the same hourly estimates as the Android app . Profile details should be editable from within the application.

Tourist-heavy destinations could potentially be a good fit as well, but you should check its seasonality first.

Among other apps like Uber are Lyft, Bolt, Curb, Gett, Grab , DiDi , Ola Cabs (OLΛ) invented in India, Didi Chuxing used in China, and others. We include fully functional apps and panels that get covered under the demo of the app solution you have requested. Contact our sales experts to book a demo for your business suitable app solution to view all apps and panels in action with loaded features.

Revenue models for an Uber-like app

Now that you understand some of the advanced features of the Uber app, you should have a better idea of what it takes to make an intelligent taxi-booking app. There are many more excellent Uber app features that will be essential in your own Uber-like app. Another advanced feature of Uber, lacking in many traditional taxi-booking apps, is the aforementioned geo-tracking. Without the superior location tracking of the Uber app, its rapid sourcing and excellent user experience would not be possible. Apps on different platforms, such as Android and iOS differ essentially in design. For the app to be convenient for an iOS user, it must be designed for iOS, and to make it comfortable for Android user – there must be the version for Android.

The complexity of features and functionalities affects the overall development cost. Well, no one can answer this question within one line so let’s discuss steps to perform while developing an app similar to Uber. Once the ride has been booked, an invoice will be generated automatically within the app solution with all the details such as basic amount, tax amount, and location details. The invoice can be sent to the customer’s registered email ID also. Like Uber’s disruptive business model, Uber for X will fit perfectly in the on-demand economy and simplify the delivery of your services/goods.

How to Make an App Like Uber: Process, Tips, & Features