MonoGame Rendering graphics for a 2D top-down engine For Beginners

Representing quests and NPCs in data structures and using an event system. The download link for the 2nd tutorial for xna is not working. Good stuff though, nothing too particularly new from other tutorials I’ve seen but pretty clear. Sort of wish you left some mistakes in there and shown us what happens but its not really necessary. It’s going to take a while, since I’m covering a lot of complicated material. For now though, I need to reupload the video files.

xna rpg tutorials

Geometry Tracks – Tire Tracks Tutorial – Another fine tutorial by Kosmonautgames about how to generate 2D or 3D trails and tracks. Matrix Naming Convention – A very nice and short article about how to name your transformation matrices and what benefit that brings. Beware of transparent pixels – Another nice, XNA agnostic explanation about why to use premultiplied alpha and what is bound to happen if you don’t. EpPathFinding – A nice C# library that comes with a demo, is production ready and implements the Jump-Point-Search algorithm. A-Star algorithm implementation in C# – A CodeProject article explaining much about the A-Star algorithm and has a production-ready implementation to download.

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But it was in pdf form and a great read if anyone can find. Game Development Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professional and independent game developers. Tutorial covers loading background sprites and auto-scrolling them horizontally in a continuous loop.

  • I have also been working with Xin, my XNA Input Manager class.
  • I’ve also started working with being able to control the motors in the Xbox 360 controller to make make the game pad vibrate.
  • With examples in Haxe 3, a cross platform compiling language.
  • Those kinds of questions are outside the scope of this site.

This tutorial explains the usage and limitations of such an effect. The Book Of Shaders – You want to use shaders and don’t know what that is? Then this site is a good place to start. Premultiplied Alpha – Another short, but in depht explanation of premultiplied alpha in XNA by Shawn Hargreaves. Premultiplied Alpha in XNA – The master Shawn Hargreaves himself explains the reason for the premultiplied alpha values in XNA.

Getting started with XNA development (XNA 3.0 BETA)

At the moment Xin works with both Windows and the Xbox 360 and for both XNA Game Studio 3.0 and XNA Game Studio 3.1 as well. There is a version of Xin for the Zune and Zune HD in the works but they will need to be tested as I have neither, they are being worked on by a partner. When XNA 4.0 is released, or even the first beta of XNA 4.0, I plan on creating versions of Xin for that as well. If you have any more specific questions, I’ll try my best to answer them.

xna rpg tutorials

Very informative, packed full of interesting information. and respectively. Everything you need to know to get starting making your game with the XNA framework.

Kenney Kenney, a game studio that creates a wide array of games and game assets for other developers to use (for free!). All assets are high quality 2D, 3D, UI and sound assets. DXT Compression – You want to compress the textures of your game on your own? ProtoBuild – If you Free Interactive Python Tutorial wanna do cross-platform development this tool will help you to keep your project-files in order. Corund – Corund is a 2D game engine for mobile games, based on Monogame . Inherit from a variety of existing objects and behaviours to easily compose a game or a prototype.

Creating custom content importers for the MonoGame pipeline – Nice article from our friend Dylan Wilson, who drives the MG.Extended project. – A nice article testing and explaining what creating and calling delegates and events does in respect to garbage. Shadow-Copying of applications – You want your installer to delete itself in windows?

[MonoGame] Rendering graphics for a 2D top-down engine

RB Whitaker’s Wiki – Extremely versatile. Covers almost every aspect of XNA game development. This is a collection of useful game-development links including, but not restricted to, development with MonoGame. These methods work with DataManager classes which store the items, classes etc in Dictionary’s. This may be how you want to model your game information, if not the code in these guides may have to be altered to work with your solution. XNA 4.0 Game Development by Example takes a more practical or functional approach, explaining XNA by showing you how to make four separate games.

Depth Precision – Another short article about the precision of a depth buffer and how to enhance it. Bloom Post Process Filter – Want your game to shine? This tutorial explains the use of post process filters and the bloom filter. Specifying Compiler Targets – The Microsoft reference for specifying compiler targets in HLSL shaders. A nice list and explanation of the shader-levels supported by DX.

xna rpg tutorials

It’s under the Ms-PL license which should be ok as long as you don’t publish the source-code. There is a video demonstrating the effects along with a narration. Graphics Pipeline Diagram – You are stuck programming your shader and don’t know what happens and when? This is a very popular site about XNA game development in general. This particular page contains a very useful diagram of the graphics rendering pipeline, that may lighten things up a bit during dark, non-comprehending times . Source Multiplayer Networking – The developers of Valve tell you about how they are handling the many multiplayer-games made with their engine.

I plan on having the next part of the tutorial up on my site shortly. You can find the link to the latest tutorial on the RPG Tutorials page of my web site. I plan to work on the next tutorial in my role playing game tutorial series and have that available soon as well. Good luck with your XNA game programming adventures.

What you’ll learn from Head First C# is probably enough to let you jump in to XNA game development; Essential C# will help you sharpen the saw and become a better C# programmer. Tutorial covers, creating a sprite, drawing it to the screen and introduces some object oriented programming. All things related to game development, programming, math, art, music, business, and marketing.

Creating a Role Playing Game With XNA

He started a map editor, to create the level, but never finished. Ive just finished the first tutorial but it worked out great so far and I’m excited to do the rest. Ive read a lot of other tutorial’s and read an XNA book but now that I am ready to make my own full game, this seems like the best place to start. I knows it been 2 years but it would be great to see more tutorials. Using Platform Specific Libraries from a Platform Agnostic Project – We’ve all had this problem. You want to use a library, but that comes in x86 or x64 flavor and your game should use the ‘AnyCPU’ target.

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I checked on another computer and I don’t see a problem with the links. But if anyone else has issues about premium accounts or something, just tell me so I can get that fixed. Acapela-Box – Very hight quality test-to-speech engine with nice voices. Download costs a bit, but at very reasonable rates. WiX – Windows Installer XML – THE gold standard for building setups.

Getting a new game going with XNA starts with creating a new game project. This XNA tutorial walks you through setting up a new XNA Windows game project and seeing that first Cornflower Blue screen. I’m also working on updating my web site where I’m hosting these tutorials. I’ve created an archive of old new items, though I don’t have all of the news items that I removed from the news page.

MonoGame Rendering graphics for a 2D top-down engine For Beginners